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War On Public Employees

War On Public Employees

War On Public Employees

May 17, 2012

By Denise D. Glass

Why is it that public sector employees make enemies simply by being employed in the public sector?

What makes some people develop the opinion that people who work in the public sector do so because they want a “free ride” on the publics’ dime, they are lazy or they are looking for employee benefits without having to work for them?

If the job descriptions at the public level came with corner offices, then why aren’t the Ivy league schools graduating classes full of nurses, police officers, sanitation workers, firemen and teachers?

Characteristically, people who choose to do some type of work serving the public can remember the time in their life when they experienced something that made them realize that they held a deep understanding of humans and how they exist in society. For a police officer it could have been the moment when they saw someone being bullied in school, for the fireman it may have been the horrific house fire down the street, for the teacher it could have been the slow student sitting next to them in math class who constantly struggled to make a D. Or, for the nurse it could have been when grandma was in the hospital with pneumonia.

Events like this public sector employees touch everyone’s life at some point. However; those people who are greatly impacted are the people who grow up to perform the jobs that improve quality of life for all.

As we have watched this past year in many states across the country, public employees are in the line of fire and are the prime targets of governors and legislators who refuse to admit that states’ issues are not caused by public employees, but by a decade of Wall Street greediness and failed economic oversight. This refusal has led to conservative individuals unfairly displacing their anger on the people who since 1871 have provided more economic and social stability for society than any other group of people.

Knowing the necessity of having a strong civil service sector in order to support a strong private sector, it is bewildering that public employees are deionized for playing a critical role in the success of the United States and the world and without their existence the world would be no better or no worse.

I beg to differ.

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