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Public Health Employees Make a Difference

Save Jackson Campaign

May 4, 2012

By: A Jackson Health System – Hospital Public Employee

It is with pride that I state I am a registered Nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital.  We work with some of the most complex patients in the world, often under very difficult conditions. Jackson is the last resort for other hospitals when the case is deemed too intricate for other hospitals to handle.

Every employee at Jackson Memorial Hospital works hard.  We in Mental Health take care of the most psychotic and frequently violent patients. Judges write in court orders “if too violent take directly to Jackson Crisis,” which is where I work.  We never know who is coming through the door.  We never ask if the patients have insurance or how they are going to pay.  Other hospitals have Finance greet you and if the patient is uninsured, they stabilize and often “stabilize” is a euphemism for medicated until they can be transferred to Jackson.

Multiple traumas, major burns, multi-organ transplants are just a few of the services offered at Jackson and that public health employees manage and provide positive outcomes for on a daily basis.  We do extraordinary and specialized work and at Jackson it is considered the norm. Miracles happen every day.

At the present time Jackson is under attack.  The very foundation of Jackson is its employees and now due to unprecedented actions by a new CEO, Carlos Migoya, our highly trained and world class staff is being moved helter-skelter with no warning, little training and less consideration for our patients. The public health employees are worried for their patients.

To be continued


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