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Want Votes? Earn It! – Drawing The Line.

Want Our Vote? Earn It! – Drawing The Line –

February 18, 2012

By; Robert Asencio

Got To Earn Our Vote

Was once told, to gain popular support one must convey sincerity, confidence, purpose, and commitment to a vision that appeals to those you seek support from. As, it is in popular support that one gains the power to influence change.

This comment is shared as it is the basis for our grassroots effort. An effort that must now quickly transition from sitting on the side lines and commenting to unity and purpose in action.

For too long civic inaction on the part of taxpaying Voters has been construed as justification by many elected officials to serve the interests of those who spend Big money to influence political favor(s).

It is that mindset, I feel has created economic shortfalls and caused so much unjust hardship on our fellow Americans. As an election and year of redistricting, we are presented with a tremendous opportunity for restoring our system of Government to one that is representative and accountable to none other than “We the People”.

It is for this reason I ask for your commitment in joining the Florida Public Employees Partnership in conveying to All:

Public Employees stand in Solidarity against any and all, regardless of party affiliation, who seek to balance the budget on the backs of working class Floridians while providing tax breaks to major corporations and the elite few.

– As working class Floridians, we will no longer Vote for any elected official who does not favor fair taxation for All.

– We will no longer Vote for any elected official who seeks to unjustly privatize public services at the expense of Public Employees and All taxpayers.

– We will no longer Vote for elected officials who do not focus on developing sustainable policies that will enable true economic and jobs growth at the Local, State and National levels.

– We will not Vote for any elected official who is not committed to ensuring fiscal accountability and sound operational management at all levels of Government.

– We will not Vote for any elected official who is not committed to investing and building a strong Government infrastructure.

In this commitment to working for the good of All, I am confident lies the key to gaining popular support and holding elected officials accountable. For, it is our Votes those who seek public office need.

May our civic unity prevent others from buying their way into public office.

Robert Asencio, President

Florida Public Employees

247 SW 8th Street, #198

Miami, Florida 33130

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