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The Divide – Part 2: Discussing Governor Romney On Florida Public Employees Facebook

November 4, 2012

By: Robert Asencio

Source: Florida Public Employees Facebook page

The following is in response to a post shared by Natasha Jordan on statements made Governor Mitt Romney on Hurricane Sandy and what will be its recovery:Romney compared the Sandy relief effort to his experience cleaning up the field after a high-school football game. Seriously?  Does he understand what an absolute insensitive jerk he is to even compare ANYTHING this silver spoon pillager has done EVER in his life to what has happened?”I remember once we had a football field at my high school. The field was covered with rubbish and paper goods from people who’d had a big celebration there at the game. And there was a group of us there assigned to clean it up. And I thought, ‘how are we going to clean up all the mess on this football field?’ There were just a few of us. And the person responsible for organizing the effort said, ‘Just line up along the yard lines. You go between the goal line and the 10-yard line, and the next person between the 10 and 20, and just walk down and do your lane. And if everybody cleans their lanes, we’ll get it done.’ And so today, we’re cleaning one lane if you will.”3Like ·  · Share
  • Diane Graves Go Florida! I see you can get passed the Rmoney idiocracy!!
  • Barbara Clay Bittner I have already voted! 😉;)
  • Sarah Diane Dodd And, what would you have like to have him say? There’s absolutely nothing the man could say that would please you, I’m sure of it! You just need a platform on which to rage.
  • Kenny Hurtado Go Romney!
  • Aurelio Cuervo Looks like you missed what President Obama said at one of the Hurricane Sandy Disaster relief conference that he won’t leave anyone behind with the disaster, but he forgot to mention that he left a couple of Navy seals alone to fight to protect the Ambassador which cost them their lifes.
  • Tanya Fuss Lots of koolaide drinkers on tonight. Keep drinkin’ and keep votin’ against your own best interests.
  • Sarah Diane Dodd Romney . . . creating jobs in Tampa Bay area schools even as he campaigns he is “pumping $$$’s” into the community! 🙂:)
  • Angela Biggica Abbatiello This man is an idiot
  • Maggie Willms Byrns I will never understand why public employees would vote for someone who openly hates government workers and their unions.
  • Cindy Walker Obama/Biden 2012
  • Patricia Kathy Surles Geren I’m sorry you didn’t “get” what he was saying!!!!!
  • Ed Chancellor No let’s vote for someone with no respect for our military nor our diplomats. They are just collateral damage to his Orwellian Transformation. Of this once proud country.
  • Robert Welz Totally agree with Sarah D! One day maybe he will have the reigns and can offer government aid but until that day he can only help the citizens of his state and try and raise money for victims and offer encouraging words with the publicity he has in his campaign. Obama has that same silver spoon man don’t be fooled!
  • Tanya Fuss Pumping money OUT of Bay Area schools. Funny how the party of “personal responsibility” wasn’t responsible enough to clean up their mess before they left. I’m sure he’ll be billed for the damages. BTW our superintendent rented the stadium for 2000 dollars…hardly a wind fall.
  • Jake Saur Still don’t understand why anyone would vote Romney if your a Public Employee.
  • Tanya Fuss Robert, you must know understand what silver spoon means. The saying is “he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth” which means…he was born into wealth. Obama was hardly born into wealth. Is he wealthy now? Yes…and that’s fine with me, because he does not subscribe to the social darwinism that the current R party does. Ryan’s idol, until he started to back away from her, was Ayn Rand….social darwinist and hypocrite extraordinaire!
  • Donna Bird oH MY GOD if his field after sport was that damage and flooded and fire, than this man is not facing reality. and people want him to be president. GOD HELP US>
  • Tom James funny how the Romney teabag kool-aid drinkers forgot how George W Bush and the Republicans sold out the 3,000 victims of 9/11 and 5,000 dead Iraq War veterans.
  • Tanya Fuss @ Tom…yeah funny…but not in a ha ha kind of way. Convenient memory…or is it Romnesia???
  • Donna Bird @Aurelio Cuervo – Are you people out of your minds? Have you seen NY? NJ and other states? if he thinks that is normal after a sport game, than he is crazy- 1. the investigation is ongoing and it can take another month before it is complete. The President does not have to answer to us first but to the families of these men. there is evidence that 2. the President or his administration did not know of the request and that other people made the decision not the president. 3. and if you read further and watch the VP debate there is evidence that the Republican admitted that it was the Republicans who rejected the requested funds. “because we thought it was the president trying to sneak for a request for funds” So before yuo blame the President, get your facts all togetherand get to know the facts how Republican didn’t do their job either. They said NO to all security for all Embassies. 5. In additional if the President knew of their situation and if the Libya government knew of the dangers, than the Military along with the President would had plan to grab them like how they snuck in when they in for bin ladin. Like he said we should had sent additional military help to pull them out if the communication came to me. Evidence has shown that no calls or emails was sent to the White House in the matter. But he took and accepted the blame even though the Security group under the CIA failed to communicate with their leaders who would had met with the President and the administration. They are doing a thorough investigation.
  • Bob Jeffrey It was just an analogy demonstrating how the East Coast will work together and rebuild, but it doesn’t matter what Romney says, because it would be criticized.
  • Donna Bird ”Romney . . . creating jobs in Tampa Bay area schools even as he campaigns he is “pumping $$$’s” into the community! 🙂:)” Who are you talking about? if you are talking about Romney, what drugs are you on? How is he creating jobs when he is absolutely doing NOTHING but lying and making up stories. tell me how is he dumping money into the schools in Tampa? Hilllsborough County schools are dumping money because of the taxes paid. Romeny was cleared and said it multiple times “Government can not create Jobs. Government can not create jobs” well GOD forbid, if he is elected. he becomes Government, how is he creating 12 million jobs if Government doesn’t create jobs?
  • Alisa Persons-Peterson What? He missed an opportunity to compare it to his saving the summer Olympics? He must be slipping.
  • Alisa Persons-Peterson @ Donna, he meant to say he was creating jobs for the Chinese. (Which Bain is STILL doing, even now.)
  • Jennifer Jackson It sounds to me like he was saying, that if everyone works together, the job will get done. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I’m don’t see how people aren’t getting it!
  • Nancy Kulp This is a man who wants to LEAD our country – and THIS is the best he can come up with….Zone defense?
  • Scott White Bull, you are taking his entire meaning out of context…cleaning up Sandy will be the effort of everyone doing their small part for themselves and neighbors. That is all he was saying. You can rant and make stuff up but that doesn’t make it true. So ignore Obama’s faults but just magnify Romney’s right? Sorry, you are dead wrong about the man!
  • Lorraine Harte Anthony Again I say Mitt Witt is a Nitwit.
    Friday at 12:39am via mobile · Like · 2
  • Dallas Trayer Rubbish?? Who seriously says that anymore ?
  • Carol Gload yes, picking up Cheeto’s bags and paper cups is so similar to the life altering affects of a hurricane. Who endorses this moron?
  • Joe D’Agostino Freddy, your lane starts in Hoboken and ends in Syracuse. Marty, …
  • Florida Public Employees So as not to have to interpret what Romney said, has he made a statement on how he would deal with the extensive recovery of the destruction left behind by Sandy?
  • Carol Gload IF Mitt words were taken out of his intended meaning, that points to his issues in articulating. I believe demostrating the ability to communicate effectively is a prerequisite to the presidency of the U.S.A.
  • Carlos Acin I can’t imagine, as a public employee, voting for a man who’s entire life has been spent embracing people with a disdain for traditional values and known for hatred and violence, including bombing police stations. 
    As someone says,I won’t vote against my personal interests, I’ll vote for Romney.
    Friday at 8:57am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Arleen Palmer This man is unbelievable. OMG. He is stupid.
  • Joe Kyser How’s rick scott working out for you, Carlos? Love tea party ideology, it’s costing me plenty….

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The Divide: Discussing The Presidential Candidates On Florida Public Employees Facebook

October 3, 2012

By: Robert Asencio

Source: Florida Public Employees Facebook page.

Lets speak openly on the differences between President Obama and Gov. Romney. Which candidate do you support and why?

Lastly, how do you think PE, your families and the middle class will fair under your candidate’s presidency?

Anyone brave enough to start the conversation

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  • Ed Chancellor You can not have a great country when PE are so into themselves. When I was a cop I taught in the academy that police must be a part of the community not apart from the community. The current Them against Us is a formula for disaster. Can’t be at war with those who pay your salary. In the end you lose.
  • Dale Young Despite what ever small personal gain PE might get under Obama, it is not worth sacrificing the actual physical security of our country now, or the economic security of our country in the not to distant future. Do not vote party lines, do not vote what is best for you. Vote what is best for the country.
  • Mike Martin I think Mr. Clinton sums it all up ” Are we a Nation of We are all in it together or are we a Nation of you’re on your own “
  • Tanya Fuss When you were a cop, Ed? So you’re retired now and pulling a pension? Dale, you have bought into the mythology that our country is now suddenly unsafe. If you follow that logic, how do you explain how Sept. 11th happened under Bush’s watch? As for being “into [my}themselves”, I earned a college degree and after 23 years do not break over 42K a year. So if you’re a public servant, you should take a vow of poverty???
  • Rafael Gomez Public employees are not fighting against their communities, most communities served by PE are either middle class, or poor, and those are similar citizens as PE. PE are against the republican tea party types who have been attacking pensions, salaries, benefits, and unions. Without a doubt Obama is the candidate that represents the interest of the middle class, and public employees. Any public employee that votes for Romney is a fool.
  • Mark Muerth I’d echo Tanya’s comments and just add that it wasn’t PEs that created the us vs them. It was a deliberate and effective tactic of an extreme wing of the republican party. Scott Walker, Mitt Romney are now beholden to that group. The republican party needs to redefine themselves and show fiscal conservatism without attacking public employee unions.
  • Noah Adelman I find it funny that those who oppose government in control of things, thinks its perfectly fine for them to run any PE department as they see fit. I mean if there were no unions to help us negotiate, which is kinda what the free markets are all about, then what would our retirements really look like? Whoever wins, there will be good times and bad times; we need to work together and do whats right. How on earth did Teachers, Police and Firefighters become the BAD guys and politicians become the GOOD guys?!?!?!?!? I’m not asking for a million dollars, just a decent wage, good working conditions and voice when things go sideways.
  • Florida Public Employees Ed Chancellor, Trying to gain a better understanding of your comment. Specifically the “them against us” part. How do you figure? —> There are many who’ll argue PE are the convenient targets of those who rather go after them than close tax loopholes and increase taxation of the rich and corporations. The very same who have contributed to the economic downturn. —> Question: Do you have a retirement and if so, would you fight to keep it if was threatened for the benefits of those who better off than you?
  • Cathy Smith PE for Obama. Could not even consider other candidate. No self -respecting woman could.
  • Tanya Fuss @ Noah…Fox News aka our modern day Tokyo Rose …painted public servants as the “BAD guys”…most viciously I might add.
  • Charlie Sullivan As a public employee I feel that I’ve been attacked by the TEA Party and the Republicans. I want everyone to know that public employees are TAX Payers! We are also the people that show up when the other Tax Payers call for help!
  • Milagro S. Ruiz Completely agree with you Ed but, what does one do when ethics have gone out the window? Love the conversations!
  • Robert Welz Listen if you are a public employee you will always be at the will of the government you work for! If you are not a federal employee Obama CANNOT HELP YOU! Look what regalado does to his employees year after year! Obama was president when city of Miami employees took a 15-40% pay cut OVERNIGHT plus severe deductions in pension and healthcare benefits! To think that Romney getting elected will be damaging to public employees is “malarkey!” We are even more at mercy to the economy then we are to our employers! Taxes that pay for teachers, firemen, policemen, garbage men, etc. in the state of Florida are collected from property taxes! No one complained about our salary pension or benefits when everyone’s homes were worth anywhere from 2-5 times their current worth! The only way for us to save our selves is to save our economy. Romneys plan will get us there faster. Obama your are looking at 1-2% gains like you’ve seen the first 4 years where as Romney can produce 5-6% gains. The day that Obama was elected the stock market dropped for a week straight. He is a economic dud!!!
  • Charlie Sullivan I think we as citizen have gave up our true voice by voting for a party. We should be calling these people everyday while they represent us and explain to them that they were elected to represent the people of this nation not the special interest groups! We fought against being ruled by kings along time ago. We don’t need leaders that follow party agendas, we need leaders who will fight for Americans!
  • Florida Public Employees Robert Welz and all:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW5IdwltaAc – fair taxation of all and development of public/private partnerships to inspire economic growth as without them it will not matter who is elected.

    ALARMING! Washington’s Dilemma!. Soaring debt and a budget Congress can’t balanc…See More
  • Noah Adelman @Robert. So instead of hope and change, its now Change and Hope? I suppose what your saying is that we should cut services according to the revenue of the municipality? Because my job has not become easier, nor less dangerous; nor has my required certifications been waived because the gov cant afford to pay me for being a paramedic, you will only get EMT service because times are tough! If the government cant afford it then we should cut right? Lets start with your retirement and move on to your medical coverage next. Because the idea from some people is “I got mine! Good luck with yours!”
  • Nancy Kulp Robert – the only people who will gain through Romney will be the rich and the Chinese. VOTE OBAMA – remember ‘slow and steady wins the race”. Besides, when Obama wins again the republicans will be forced to stop stalling and allow plans to be put into place so that the economy growth will occur at a respectable rate. Look at how it has continued growing these past years even without the actual plan being put into place due to republicans voting everything down.
  • MiddleClassFightsBack The Romney camp must be veeeerrrrryyyyy nervous there are a whole bunch of Romney supporters/Obama bashers showing up on FPE and my fb page lately 😉;) Keep up the good work FPE Solidarity!
  • Robert Welz great video! i was trying to isolate the florida public employees state & local but lets go national! when brought up in the third debate, Romney said obama would raise the national debt the 20 trillion by the end of his term. HE DID NOT DENY THIS! I feel romney’s plan for energy independence could be another wealth spring in these troubled times imagine us becoming the front runner in oil production and sales over saudi arabia… it would be a different economy/world for sure! Romney has a plan. What is obamas plan???? tax the rich tax the middle class (obamacare: the poor cant buy food how can they pay for healthcare) tax tax tax. tell me how that helps adding more debt and government spending to help the economy?
  • Noah Adelman Maybe we could build 4 submarines a year AND go to war with Iran, that should help the economy too. And where is it written that oil is a winner? I thought that was not the thing do. We get our oil from Canada and S. America. The rest of the world gets theirs from the middle east, and every time the markets go for a ride, our prices go up to.
  • Florida Public Employees Has corporate tax breaks and tax loopholes created jobs or grown the economy?
  • Robert Welz Touche’ but neither has big government.
  • Robert Welz OIL IS ALWAYS A WINNER MY FRIEND! you want to make a killing invest in a company that finds oil and drills on it, you be a very happy man
  • Noah Adelman Maybe. But so would expanding schools and hospitals. Business are going to make money, that’s the bottom line. In my experience rich and wealth people don’t spend their money, but the average person will spend and consume.
  • Florida Public Employees How about a balance? Which brings us full circle to the issue at hand. Who’s the better candidate and why?
  • Noah Adelman Oil SUCKS!!! It’s dirty, it pollutes, it puts money in the hands of our enemies! It’s like seeing someone smoke cigarettes, sure it makes you feel good, but it is killing you. Even if we were OIL independent, the middle east would still be making BILLIONS and TRILLIONS!
  • Robert Welz and Noah totally incorrect, we are in the same boat im a firefighter as well and all im saying is the FEDERAL government cannot change what local municipality and state governments do to its employees. look what is happening nationally you had a Fire Department in pennslyvania go to minimum wage for 5 months! did obama send the national guard to pennslyvania and have them bust down the doors to the mayors office and force a change? NO its not within his power! And try and explain to people who make less with no benefits healthcare and pension why you deserve it when they are struggling financially. you wont like the responses! in 2008 the city of miami was given its best union contract right before the sharp market decline and it was approved with no complaints infact the politicians were singing the praises of the firefighters and the job we do only to flop on it a year later saying we make too much and our benefits are bankrupting the city! i said it before and ill say it again we are all at the mercy of the ECONOMY!
  • Noah Adelman Personally, I don’t want a “Business Man” running this country. Corporate America is worse than our elected officials. I’m not swooning over Obama, and I voted for myself 4 years ago, but I gonna vote for him this time for sure. No Mitt for Me!
  • Robert Welz If we were able to produce oil in the quantities of saudia arabia we can control the price my friend and take power back from saudi arabia! saudia arabia sells at 53$ per barrel we undercut and sell for 45$ now we have competition and no longer a monopoly and we prosper! THAT is capitalism my friend been doing it since 1776!
  • Florida Public Employees Interesting Noah Adelman. Wonder how many middle class voters feel like you do?
  • Robert Welz Well i believe obama spent sometime as a business man the last 4 years taking our money and INVESTING in companies. LITERALLY INVESTING taxes into companies that failed. 90 billion to clean energy companies? really? $281 from every man woman and child… what was the problem with national debt again FPE?
  • Noah Adelman The problem I have with capitalism is that it leaves nothing for people. It is all about the BOTTOM LINE and nothing else. People are not capital. And where is our military fighting right now? and how much is that adding to the deficit? and who started and perpetrated those wars? and how did we pay for those wars? That’s right it’s my pension that ruined the worlds economy!
  • Robert Welz Noah you need to watch the video posted earlier by FPE it explains the budget and the problems we have with debt.
  • Robert Welz capitalism is proven it works it keeps us strong. at any moment you can go and start your own corporation and depending on your product/services and abillity to promote and grow your business you can become the next big thing for example apple founded out of the back of some guys garage and now bill gates is one of the wealthiest men in the world! that is why this country is great if you put the effort in and have the skills and abillities you can prosper! the government should not be hindering that.
  • Noah Adelman Didn’t bill gates do a lot of LSD?
  • Robert Welz lol ok that just shows you anyone can make it big with the right circumstances….
  • Ed Chancellor Clarifying what I meant? Robert Welz has got it right. You can’t expect people worse off then you to want to pay more to guarantee you your life style. Calling on the Rich to pay more is a stalking horse, its the middle class that pays the taxes.
  • Mark Burnam well, just discovered my healthcare is going to be included on my W-2 next year as income — translation, I, and maybe you, will be paying taxes on your “healthcare costs” even though they aren’t income. Thank you Obamacare – translation, NO THANK YOU OBAMA, HELLO THE CLEAR ALTERNATIVE
  • Mark Burnam also, saw this post and it struck home for me: it said something like if you had a once successful business that needed turning around so one day you could leave it in better shape so your on or daughter could take over one day, who would you entrust that job to, Obama or Romney? Therein lies who you should vote for…
  • Jim Mahan Life is funny. What does it take to remove those blinders? For Cristy and Bloomberg, it took one storm. For me, it took years of attacks on PE. For others, back in 2004, many saw their insurance companies abandon them, while FEMA rescued them. Just look at what Citizens Ins is now doing to floridians after years of no storms, and how Haliburton pimps our system. When the next 911 happens or worse, just imagine some CEO-Mittt type gazillionaire defrauder cut and run with his golden parachute, abandoning Americans. Yeah, let’em fail, ha! Have we forgotten florida’s own disgrace of having the blatant record-breaking criminal medicare fraud of Rick Scott as our governor?! Romney is no different. Vote to eliminate these middle man globalist profiteering parasites!
  • Mark Hankins Well as a PE I think anyone that would vote for Obama would be voting against America.
  • Carlos Acin I support Romney. This whole mess started because the economy tanked. If it was booming, nobody would be looking for a scape goat nor care about pensions. Obama has two years majority in both houses and did nothing but spend money and pass Obamacare. He had no idea what to do and with his past associations with radicals and cop killers, no way in hell I could vote for him. We wouldn’t tolerate 4 years of losing from a sports coach but for the president, we say, extend his contract? Screw that. And unemployment just went up again.
  • Rafael Gomez It also could be said that anyone voting for Romney is voting for outsourcing American jobs, which in effect is voting against America, hell voting for Romney is voting for China.
  • John Quinn Voting for Obama is voting for another 4 years of hell. Look what has happened since the Big O stepped in. We are completely in debt and can’t get out from under it. He made promises that he didn’t keep except for getting Osama. If he comes in for another 4, we will be in the worst shape we will ever have been in.
  • Jim Mahan Not true, US jobs numbers are up again. This difference says much: Clinton holds his head high and chest out supporting President Obama. And George W. Bush is still continuing to hide in shame since a year before he left even left office. The Romney campaign would like everyone to forget that Bush exists. His name is never mentioned, and he won’t show his face.
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  • Mike Whittaker After what the tea party has done to so many states. I have no choice but to vote for Obama and vote party lines. The tea party has hurt my family and I will do what ever I can to crush them !
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  • Robert Welz THE JOB NUMBERS ARE UP???!!!??? The Job reports are in bud it rose from 7.8 to 7.9% and reading a very biased aol report about how the outlook looks better… they bragged about a 171K job growth… there are 12 million unemployed ppl in the country and they brag about .1% job growth? COME ON MAN you got the blinders on!!!
  • Robert Welz ^im sorry the math is off i believe its a little over 1% of 12,000,000 people Sorry Obama!
  • Jim Mahan That encouraging jobs report is from Reuters (the one Rush uses). Now if only congress cooperates with President Obama’s tax plan which rewards bringing/keeping jobs here, rather than outsourcing. $30 trillion hoarded dollars is sitting offshore, from the all-time record breaking corporate profits enjoyed under President Obama. The Dow has kept steadily climbing to a near record. No more trickle, let it rain. Consumer debt at a low, consumer confidence very high, US manufacturing up, Chinese manufacturing down. Banks are better regulated. No new wars. Slow/steady sure beats an economic freefall disaster.
  • James Bolick I vote against all incumbents, as my Dad used to say, ” If your too dumb to get rich off us in 4 yrs., your to dumb to be in office”!!
  • John Crotty Right, or wrong candidate? No such person. Vote for Obama; because a vote for anyone else means starting over at Ground Zero.
  • Joe Kyser Sure Carlos, just vote to lose more of your pension 🙂:)
    Rick Scott as pres? No way. By the way, who do you think crashed the economy (it doesn’t begin with O)?
  • Joe Kyser Sorry, voting for the tea party is cutting your own throat if you’re PE.
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  • Carlos Acin Sorry, forgot about how involved Obama was in stopping Scott and Gimenez. Yeah, he’s done so much for us. Can’t wait to see the next four years. Maybe he can get our credit rating lowered again or give more money to other countries. Hell, I can’t wait to find out what promises he was whispering to Russia. Woo hoo!
  • Rafael Gomez Oh but Obama has done for Florida, specially in law enforcement where millions in grants were given to police departments. He would have done much more had it not been for the do nothing congress that filibustered every bill that would create jobs, or help the states and municipalities. That is no spin, that is a fact there for everyone to see how republican senators broke every filibuster record that existed before Obama, something never seen before in history.

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