Jeb Bush Sides With Charter Schools Over Choice In California

December 26, 2012

Originally published: December 24, 2012

By: Bob Sikes – Scathing Purple Musings

From Penny Arevalo in Mission Viejo Patch:

“During my tenure as Governor of Florida, I saw firsthand the important role charter schools play in comprehensive education reform by helping to raise the bar for all public schools. Charter schools have a long history of providing parents with a choice and offering unique learning experiences for students of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.”

The petition in Carlsbad was rejected, according to the North County Times, because “trustees said they had concerns after hearing that projections for enrollment and for teacher interest in the school had been exaggerated.” The paper added, “Staff members also said they could confirm only 53 parents who said they would enroll in the school, while Oxford claimed 681 local parents had signed the petition.”

Sounding ominously like beginning of last year’s Adelanto fight, Bush’s decision to sign a petition as an outsider trumps the decision of a parent who doesn’t want their tax dollars going to a charter school. Oxford’s obscene number smells like Parent Revolution’s playbook where they keep taking signatures until they get the number they want. Bush’s  foundation flew in some Parent Revolution hacks to testify on behalf of Florida’s parent trigger bill earlier this year. One wonders when they will arrive  in Carlsbad with professional agitator Gloria Romero in tow.

Bush’s signature and public support for the Oxford bid signals he’s on board with the chaos and permanent schisms that such a battle brings a community. Worse, it demonstrates once and for all that Bush doesn’t care about parents who don’t choose what he does.

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