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Will FL politicians invest in our kids?

February 18, 2013

Received via Florida Public Employees e-mail February 13, 2013 from Fund Education Now


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Governor Scott’s proposed budget signals his funding priorities to the Florida Legislature.  We are pleased that he included $1.2 billion for public education to begin restoring the nearly $5 billion that has been slashed in recent years by politicians.

The fate of Governor Scott’s proposed budget depends entirely on the 2013 Florida Legislature which opens March 5th and ends on May 3rd.  Unfortunately, House and Senate politicians are under no obligation to act on the Governor’s suggestions.

Click here to tell Senate President Gaetz and Speaker of the House Weatherford to invest in our children and their schools.

Governor Scott now believes that investing in teachers and education is the key to Florida’s economic growth.  Every parent knows that actions speak louder than words.

Nearly six years ago the parents of Florida started this conversation as a way to hold politicians accountable. Our children are depending on us to keep it going. Scott’s effort to add funding and invest in our children and their public schools is an encouraging step.

Please contact Governor Scott to thank him for thinking of our children and their schools. Encourage him to keep his veto pen handy. Ask House Speaker Gaetz and Senate President Weatherford to use their leadership power to pass this $1.2 billion for public education in the final budget this May.

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