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The Divide – Part 2: Discussing Governor Romney On Florida Public Employees Facebook

November 4, 2012

By: Robert Asencio

Source: Florida Public Employees Facebook page

The following is in response to a post shared by Natasha Jordan on statements made Governor Mitt Romney on Hurricane Sandy and what will be its recovery:Romney compared the Sandy relief effort to his experience cleaning up the field after a high-school football game. Seriously?  Does he understand what an absolute insensitive jerk he is to even compare ANYTHING this silver spoon pillager has done EVER in his life to what has happened?”I remember once we had a football field at my high school. The field was covered with rubbish and paper goods from people who’d had a big celebration there at the game. And there was a group of us there assigned to clean it up. And I thought, ‘how are we going to clean up all the mess on this football field?’ There were just a few of us. And the person responsible for organizing the effort said, ‘Just line up along the yard lines. You go between the goal line and the 10-yard line, and the next person between the 10 and 20, and just walk down and do your lane. And if everybody cleans their lanes, we’ll get it done.’ And so today, we’re cleaning one lane if you will.”3Like ·  · Share
  • Diane Graves Go Florida! I see you can get passed the Rmoney idiocracy!!
  • Barbara Clay Bittner I have already voted! 😉;)
  • Sarah Diane Dodd And, what would you have like to have him say? There’s absolutely nothing the man could say that would please you, I’m sure of it! You just need a platform on which to rage.
  • Kenny Hurtado Go Romney!
  • Aurelio Cuervo Looks like you missed what President Obama said at one of the Hurricane Sandy Disaster relief conference that he won’t leave anyone behind with the disaster, but he forgot to mention that he left a couple of Navy seals alone to fight to protect the Ambassador which cost them their lifes.
  • Tanya Fuss Lots of koolaide drinkers on tonight. Keep drinkin’ and keep votin’ against your own best interests.
  • Sarah Diane Dodd Romney . . . creating jobs in Tampa Bay area schools even as he campaigns he is “pumping $$$’s” into the community! 🙂:)
  • Angela Biggica Abbatiello This man is an idiot
  • Maggie Willms Byrns I will never understand why public employees would vote for someone who openly hates government workers and their unions.
  • Cindy Walker Obama/Biden 2012
  • Patricia Kathy Surles Geren I’m sorry you didn’t “get” what he was saying!!!!!
  • Ed Chancellor No let’s vote for someone with no respect for our military nor our diplomats. They are just collateral damage to his Orwellian Transformation. Of this once proud country.
  • Robert Welz Totally agree with Sarah D! One day maybe he will have the reigns and can offer government aid but until that day he can only help the citizens of his state and try and raise money for victims and offer encouraging words with the publicity he has in his campaign. Obama has that same silver spoon man don’t be fooled!
  • Tanya Fuss Pumping money OUT of Bay Area schools. Funny how the party of “personal responsibility” wasn’t responsible enough to clean up their mess before they left. I’m sure he’ll be billed for the damages. BTW our superintendent rented the stadium for 2000 dollars…hardly a wind fall.
  • Jake Saur Still don’t understand why anyone would vote Romney if your a Public Employee.
  • Tanya Fuss Robert, you must know understand what silver spoon means. The saying is “he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth” which means…he was born into wealth. Obama was hardly born into wealth. Is he wealthy now? Yes…and that’s fine with me, because he does not subscribe to the social darwinism that the current R party does. Ryan’s idol, until he started to back away from her, was Ayn Rand….social darwinist and hypocrite extraordinaire!
  • Donna Bird oH MY GOD if his field after sport was that damage and flooded and fire, than this man is not facing reality. and people want him to be president. GOD HELP US>
  • Tom James funny how the Romney teabag kool-aid drinkers forgot how George W Bush and the Republicans sold out the 3,000 victims of 9/11 and 5,000 dead Iraq War veterans.
  • Tanya Fuss @ Tom…yeah funny…but not in a ha ha kind of way. Convenient memory…or is it Romnesia???
  • Donna Bird @Aurelio Cuervo – Are you people out of your minds? Have you seen NY? NJ and other states? if he thinks that is normal after a sport game, than he is crazy- 1. the investigation is ongoing and it can take another month before it is complete. The President does not have to answer to us first but to the families of these men. there is evidence that 2. the President or his administration did not know of the request and that other people made the decision not the president. 3. and if you read further and watch the VP debate there is evidence that the Republican admitted that it was the Republicans who rejected the requested funds. “because we thought it was the president trying to sneak for a request for funds” So before yuo blame the President, get your facts all togetherand get to know the facts how Republican didn’t do their job either. They said NO to all security for all Embassies. 5. In additional if the President knew of their situation and if the Libya government knew of the dangers, than the Military along with the President would had plan to grab them like how they snuck in when they in for bin ladin. Like he said we should had sent additional military help to pull them out if the communication came to me. Evidence has shown that no calls or emails was sent to the White House in the matter. But he took and accepted the blame even though the Security group under the CIA failed to communicate with their leaders who would had met with the President and the administration. They are doing a thorough investigation.
  • Bob Jeffrey It was just an analogy demonstrating how the East Coast will work together and rebuild, but it doesn’t matter what Romney says, because it would be criticized.
  • Donna Bird ”Romney . . . creating jobs in Tampa Bay area schools even as he campaigns he is “pumping $$$’s” into the community! 🙂:)” Who are you talking about? if you are talking about Romney, what drugs are you on? How is he creating jobs when he is absolutely doing NOTHING but lying and making up stories. tell me how is he dumping money into the schools in Tampa? Hilllsborough County schools are dumping money because of the taxes paid. Romeny was cleared and said it multiple times “Government can not create Jobs. Government can not create jobs” well GOD forbid, if he is elected. he becomes Government, how is he creating 12 million jobs if Government doesn’t create jobs?
  • Alisa Persons-Peterson What? He missed an opportunity to compare it to his saving the summer Olympics? He must be slipping.
  • Alisa Persons-Peterson @ Donna, he meant to say he was creating jobs for the Chinese. (Which Bain is STILL doing, even now.)
  • Jennifer Jackson It sounds to me like he was saying, that if everyone works together, the job will get done. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I’m don’t see how people aren’t getting it!
  • Nancy Kulp This is a man who wants to LEAD our country – and THIS is the best he can come up with….Zone defense?
  • Scott White Bull, you are taking his entire meaning out of context…cleaning up Sandy will be the effort of everyone doing their small part for themselves and neighbors. That is all he was saying. You can rant and make stuff up but that doesn’t make it true. So ignore Obama’s faults but just magnify Romney’s right? Sorry, you are dead wrong about the man!
  • Lorraine Harte Anthony Again I say Mitt Witt is a Nitwit.
    Friday at 12:39am via mobile · Like · 2
  • Dallas Trayer Rubbish?? Who seriously says that anymore ?
  • Carol Gload yes, picking up Cheeto’s bags and paper cups is so similar to the life altering affects of a hurricane. Who endorses this moron?
  • Joe D’Agostino Freddy, your lane starts in Hoboken and ends in Syracuse. Marty, …
  • Florida Public Employees So as not to have to interpret what Romney said, has he made a statement on how he would deal with the extensive recovery of the destruction left behind by Sandy?
  • Carol Gload IF Mitt words were taken out of his intended meaning, that points to his issues in articulating. I believe demostrating the ability to communicate effectively is a prerequisite to the presidency of the U.S.A.
  • Carlos Acin I can’t imagine, as a public employee, voting for a man who’s entire life has been spent embracing people with a disdain for traditional values and known for hatred and violence, including bombing police stations. 
    As someone says,I won’t vote against my personal interests, I’ll vote for Romney.
    Friday at 8:57am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Arleen Palmer This man is unbelievable. OMG. He is stupid.
  • Joe Kyser How’s rick scott working out for you, Carlos? Love tea party ideology, it’s costing me plenty….

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Experiences As A Police Officer With The Ugly Side Of Charter Schools And Their Management Companies

By: Robert Asencio, President

Florida Public Employees

Florida Charter Schools

With such a strong push for continued expansion in Florida, I am compelled to share my experiences as a police officer with the ugly side of Charter Schools and their management companies. As a former investigator and supervisor of a public corruption unit, several years ago my unit was responsible for a series of criminal investigations involving personnel, owners, and partners of Charter Schools. Where as some of these investigations resulted in schools being shut down and arrests others culminated in utter frustration resulting from criminals getting away with fraud. A fact made possible by industry wide practices that benefit from weak laws and the impossibility of effective industry oversight.

During the course of these investigations members of my unit worked with a host of local, state, and federal investigators. One of which became the target of a multi-state Federal Bureau of Investigations criminal investigation. Where as, I do not claim to be an expert in the business of running Charter Schools my investigative experience provided a good insight into the big businesses of collecting Tax Dollars for educating public school children. It is from this insight that I share the following:

In everyone of our investigative cases, the schools were set up as nonprofit organizations. Most hired management companies to oversee the day to day operation of the schools. They all had a Board of Directors, had applied for and granted a Charter to be a school from local school districts as governed by Florida State Statute 1002.33 Their main source of revenue was per pupil funding – called Full Time Equivalent (FTE). Some received more funding based on student disabilities. In every case the drive to recruit more students was the primary focus of the schools and management companies. Most schools had received additional funding from available grants and all claimed Tax Exemptions as nonprofit organizations.

In just about every case the founders of the Charter Schools had ties to the Board of Directors which authorized the hiring of the management companies to run the schools. Even worse, we discovered the owners of the management companies were either the same as the school founders or were directly connected to them. All of which revealed major conflicts of interests in most of the decisions made on the spending of Tax Dollars and education of students.

Like the Miami Herald’s Charter Schools expose, we confirmed the common practice of management companies charging for the leasing of school site facilities, vehicles, and materials. Items that were either owned by the management company or linked to their owners. A practice that was followed with exorbitant management fees charged for services that often could not be explained, were unjustified, or could have been done by school staff for less. In all, these companies’ rule over all matters of business resulted in the majority of the schools’ money being collected by the management company or vendors of their choice without the benefit of competitive bids.

Internally, school staff like teachers, school administrators, and other staff were generally paid less than their public school counterparts. Staff had no benefit of collective bargaining, union representation and as such were at will employees. Teachers were commonly discovered to be teaching out of field. Interviews revealed there were individuals hired with minimal to no qualifications to teach or perform the job functions of their assignments. The majority of these schools were found to be ill equipped with teaching materials that often were substandard to those in public schools. The lack of common resources available in public school districts was a constant.

As public school districts continue to struggle for their survival, Charter Schools are receiving the benefit of support by elected officials and big interests stakeholders buying their way to cashing in on the riches of taxpayers.

Without the unity of “We the People of Florida” those intent on defrauding the public through the use of nonprofit Charter Schools and their management companies will continue to get richer at the expense of our children, public school districts and taxpayers. In solidarity we must demand enactment of laws that bring Charter Schools, their Board of Directors, management companies, and vendors in line with the stricter requirements governing public school districts in the use of public funds for curriculum, hiring, competitive bids, any and all other financial expenditures.

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