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The I-75 Crashes And The Scott Report

I-75 Crashes And The Scott Report

April 28, 2012

By Joseph Mosca

Welcome to  the new age in unreasonable expectations for law enforcement. As we now watch our Governor and other state elected officials make political porn out of this tragic event for their own purposes of self-aggrandizement, we will be faced with the fall-out. Each of us will now have to re-evaluate what has long been accepted as “reasonable responses” to public safety and foresee what is “politically expedient responses” for taking action as a law enforcement officer. Regardless, each officer will have to foresee the future.

After reading what has been written on the events that day, troopers acted in good faith and used the resources available to them. Those resources don’t amount to much, but the troopers did what was expected of them. They closed the road to prevent crashes and as soon as visibility was restored, they opened it so that secondary crashes wouldn’t occur. Textbook law enforcement approach, right? Well, you may have thought so, but now we are faced with the need to see into the future. I would suggest that we hire staff meteorologists and clergy so that we can have minute to minute updates on “acts of God”, i.e. weather, and updates on the “intentions of God”, i.e. using clergy to decipher through prayer the intentions of the Creator. Why not!

Maybe if DOT would have put electronic signs on this road and elsewhere that fog and smoke issues plague the state, we would not have this problem to begin with. Lord knows we went and spent millions on overhead signs to warn of lost elderly drivers. Why not spend some money and save a few dozen lives? No, please. That makes too much sense and if you stay with that supposition, you may start to accuse the legislature of inaction. Preposterous! No, it is much easier to blame some troopers for not seeing into the future. Yes, that is exactly what they have done. We are now blaming the troopers and the department for not having the skills of Nostradamus. (If I was truly gifted, I would like to come up with a few quatrains about Rick Scott’s political future.) I’m sure if you suggested to an elected official that this was an oversight of lawmakers, they would be “offended” and cry to you that they can’t know everything or see into the future to address what has not been an issue. Well, I would say the same for your law enforcement officers that are stuck with less resources and information. But who is to blame? The drivers? Perhaps. The troopers? Or the legislature or state bureaucrats that knew of this issue and took no action to rectify it. I would be looking squarely at the DOT and Forestry Departments who have direct control over these issues through “Planning”. There is a thought. But, you see, it is easier to blame the troopers. In Scott’s world, state worker bees are the villains, ALL THE TIME! In this case, that would be the troopers who got tasked with wrestling with an act of nature.

This report is not just a concern for the FHP. No, this is an indictment of all law enforcement agencies. Good luck, come the next round of thunderstorms and you didn’t foresee lightning strikes. (FWCC are you listening?) Good luck if you passed just one house and did not ask them to leave should a hurricane possibly come our way. (Start now, deputies and city cops! That way you can always say you did it.) No worries that there still isn’t a communications system in this state that has banded together law enforcement resources. That would make too much sense. Allowing departments to freely communicate and share information! New idea? Not really. We troopers know that has been around since before Jeb Bush. Little was done to facilitate a true and streamlined means of “shared communication” with other agencies. For instance, fires and smoke have plagued this state forever and how easy is it to reach out for Forestry services? Once they have been contacted, what means of communication do we have to maintain updates and coordinate with them on scene? NONE! But, none of that matters. We are the bad guys. Just like our pensions, we must give even more.

Welcome to the age of unreasonable expectations. The New Normal in law enforcement. Monday Night quarterbacking will be the new age technique of bringing your folks into line. Troopers know that all too well since the advent of patrol car cameras. Nothing like being judged by the emotion of the event and not the facts. But who needs facts when most of the Governor’s men probably get their news from FOX! My heart truly goes out to FHP leadership who have to face now what we have been feeling in the field for a while. But I knew this was going to happen. My palm reader told me so.


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Corporate Interests Vs. Working Families

By: Joseph “Joe” Mosca
A Florida Taxpayer

In today’s Miami Herald, there were two articles: “Lawmakers cut taxes, hand cities the tab.” and, “Is this war on the poor?” As if the headlines aren’t troublesome enough, the Republican conservative majority led by our governor has consistently put corporate interests far above those of the working families in Florida. The inequities of their agenda continue to spiral into unconscionable vitriol.

By cutting taxes on corporations in this state, the city and county governments are left with no choice but to make further cuts to services and personnel. The trend, previously supported by the puppets in the League of Cities and League of Counties, has suddenly struck a nerve as those organizations realize the pending dilemma they now face. This year has been a difficult year not just for the working families and poor, but for city and county governments that must now reap the wind for supporting the outlandish propaganda and Tea Party driven agenda in Tallahassee. Across this state, city and county governments made some grueling decisions. Cutting back on services, Firemen, Police, and education. All the while, they have been encouraging their friends in Tallahassee to crack down on unions and retirement plans. Now, the next phase of the Republican’s agenda of totalitarianism is to further reduce taxes such that their “friends” in the League of Cities and Counties have to slash even further. I wonder if our local officials have finally realized that their compatriots have, in fact, been their captors the whole time.

The constant accumulation of allowances for corporate Florida without consideration for those that have to work to make this state function continues to develop and now we are apparently in the phase of breaking the back of those that are the neediest. Social services provide and have always provided for those needing a helping hand through rough times. This state has denied 65 percent of unemployment claims thus far this year; there is a measure to prevent anyone with a drug conviction from receiving any public assistance; mandating drug addiction classes before someone can apply for public assistance (if you have no money, how are you going to pay for this?); the privatization of a portion of Medicaid which will marginalize the poor into oblivion (explain that to a grandmother on a fixed income who now has lost a portion of her health care.). And the hits keep coming from this legislative session in Tallahassee.

But the explanation for this by the majority party is simple: Free up money for education. Give tax breaks to corporations and offer incentives to attract business for more jobs. Well, if you are interested in that, why are they preying on the elderly and children because they have done nothing but attack education from the onset. There is gross Medicare / Medicaid fraud in this state, yet you would think that the “great protectors” of our liberties that they pretend to be would have a clear and large effort to arrest and prosecute offenders. (They don’t). Tax breaks to corporate Florida amount to public giveaways of our ability to maintain services that have already been egregiously reduced. Corporations are individuals that should be paying their fair share as responsible members of our communities. PERIOD!

Business in this state is simple. If you like to conduct business here, do so. But not at the expense of people going without food, or an education. Not at the expense of people trying to seek their happiness and liberty without the protections of vital services like police and fire. But the real reason, I fear, is even more sinister when you consider the national trend of this deplorable group of automatons. And that would be to break the back of the working families by reducing corporation’s outlay in payroll. Simple. This has clearly been the constant message in their madness. Left to their own designs beyond that, they continue to slash at budgets and even prey on their “friends” in city and county governments. Now, they too, must reap what they sowed. As we all will, unfortunately until the majority of these fascists are removed from office. The balance of power must be restored if WE, the workers and small business owners, families, poor and middle-class alike, hope to ever have a fair opportunity to seek our happiness and liberty from an ever increasing form of American bread extremism, i.e. radicalism!

[As a footnote to the legislative session with regard to “Deregulation of Professional Services”; I would like to offer this simple comparative: Let’s deregulate Police and Fire. By reducing the amount of “wasteful” training and duplicative reporting that each profession has, I think the public coffers would be saved an extra burden. Not that we should care if a Cop can use a gun or know Constitutional issues, or a Firemen or EMT even bother with the latest trends to safeguard property and save lives. “Adequate” becomes the benchmark of the day instead of “Professional”. But in the end, that is the most important thing. And if you believe that, you will also believe that the money saved will go to education!]

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