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Irony In Parent Trigger’s California Ruling: A Disempowering of Parents

Parent Trigger In Florida

July 24, 2012

By: Bob Sikes – Scathing Purple Musings

Yesterday’s odd ruling by a California judge which paved the way for the nation’s first parent trigger to actually occur is based on one startling reality. Explains Parents Across America  (PAA) founder Caroline Grannan:

The parent trigger, an idea presented by the voices of corporate education “reform” as parent empowerment, won a round in court this week. Ironically, the court came down firmly in favor of disempowering parents, as the parent trigger’s sponsors had requested.

The ruling by a California Superior Court judge decreed that parents who have signed a parent trigger petition do not have the right to change their minds and may not rescind their signatures. The ruling cast the future of the targeted school, Desert Trails in Adelanto, in Southern California’s high desert, into confusion. Charter operators will now be invited to bid for the school, even though Desert Trails parents on both sides of the controversy say they don’t want the school to become a charter — disempowering them even further.

Parent Revolution – the corporate entity which Grannan inferences – pulled out all the stops in their second California effort. Their first Compton effort ended up in court, too. In Adelanto they rented a house a few yards from the school, bought shirts for parents, used divisive and inflammatory rhetorical tools and hoodwinked parents by having them sign two petitions – one for strict parent takeover, and one for a charter school conversion. And, oh yeah: constantly threatened any and all with lawsuits.

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Testing Students

“State Blinded By Its Devotion to School Testing”

July 23, 2012

By; Bob Sikes – Scathing Purple Musings

Tampa Bay Times columnist John Romano takes the latest breakdown in Florida’s test-dominated accountability system and leads to where fault really lies. Florida’s education policy-makers are obsessively devoted to standardized tests.

The state’s devotion to standardized testing is admirable.

It is also foolish, political, expensive, dangerous, maniacal, shortsighted, suspicious, self-serving, arbitrary and unfair

But, man, you got to admire the devotion.

It allows officials to look past their flaws. It permits them to ignore your complaints.

The state’s Department of Education is on a three-month bender, and still acts as if it is everyone else who is unable to navigate a straight line.

Romano gets to whom else to blame later in his column. The Department of Education is just the utility of those who want this bizarre system. Gerard Robinson is just the steward and in the end will be a convenient fall guy for the powerful who are hiding in the shadows and having surrogates do their bidding for them now. More from Romano:

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